The mission of the project is to popularize traffic encryption, ways to circumvent censorship, as well as the use of strong cryptography to protect privacy and PERSONAL FREEDOM on the Internet. In this regard, this blog publishes a large amount of information in the field of anonymity and security, which will ultimately allow ordinary users of the Deep Web and Surface Web to minimize the risks of identification, deanonymization and compromise.

Important! From a large number of articles, each interested visitor can find the information he needs on the required topic, as well as, if desired, a number of other texts on related topics.

The administration of the blog is entirely focused on compliance with all the norms and laws of the Russian Federation, the content on the resource complies with current legislation. In addition, the blog administration monitors its observance in user comments. The opinion of the autors of certain articles may not coincide with the position of the blog editor.

Blog visitors, using the information provided, by default accept all the provisions of the User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement"). administration has the right to make changes to the Agreement without prior informing users. Changes and additions to the current rules become relevant from the moment they appear on this page.

A number of published blog articles "" have age restrictions 18+.

If the blog user does not agree to follow all the rules and regulations of the Agreement, the administration asks to refuse to visit this web resource.

1. Basic terms and definitions

1.1. Blog (web resource) - a list of pages hosted on the Internet and having a similar thematic focus and design, as well as a single domain address The main page of the blog is on the Internet at https//

1.2. User - an individual or legal entity that has accessed the blog via the Internet (18+).

1.3. Blog Manager - (write a letter).

1.4. The Head of the Blog and the User are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties” or separately as the “Parties”.

1.5. blog team (administration) - employees who perform their job duties for the operation of the project (working with clients and partners, designing and publishing content, etc.).

1.6. Content - a set of text, photo and video materials, as well as drawings and other images published on the blog by the administration of the web resource and in comments to articles left by blog visitors.

2. Limitation of responsibility of the blog administration

2.1. The blog is a source for information. The blog team makes every effort to provide its readers with reliable and up-to-date information. However, the full responsibility for the use of the information received lies entirely with the user.

2.2. The team and autors of the web resource personally evaluate and edit all materials for authenticity and relevance before posting them on the blog, but this does not guarantee a positive effect after their application, and may also cause a negative response from some users.

2.3. Applying the knowledge gained after studying the blog materials, the user assumes all risks due to the reliability and relevance of the information. All content on the blog is for informational purposes only and is the personal opinion of the content autors and the blog team for consideration.

The consequences of using the materials studied in the blog can lead to identification, deanonymization and compromise by both hackers and scammers, and by law enforcement agencies.

2.4. The administration of the web resource is not responsible for any damage, both direct and indirect, associated with the use of goods and services that are advertised on the blog.

This category includes commercial ads from Yandex and Admitad advertising companies, as well as contextual advertising from Google. Possible damages include monetary losses and loss of business reputation of users.

2.5. The team disclaims any responsibility for commercial or other relationships between blog users and advertisers and their ads published on the blog.

2.6. is not registered as a mass media (Mass Media) and is presented to users in the form of an autor's blog, which gives the administration the right to express their own opinion on the topic under consideration using the published content, which the blog user may not share.

3. The administration has the right

3.1. In unlimited volumes and at any time, correct and add information on the web resource, namely, make changes to the graphic, text and general design of the blog. Post and remove ad blocks, links, elements from publication on the blog.

3.2. Receive and store personal data of blog users (name, e-mail). At the same time, the administration does not provide personal data of blog visitors to third parties and uses them purely for its own communication with the user or, in some cases, for identification.

3.3. Correct or delete user comments in cases of non-compliance by the autors with the norms and laws of the Russian Federation, as well as when affecting the honor and dignity of other blog users.

3.4. Take disciplinary action in the form of restricting access to the blog for members who violate the terms of this agreement or take measures to hack the blog.

4. The user has the right

4.1. Leave blog information in the comments without violating the rules of the Agreement.

4.2. Ask the Blog Administration for help (ask your questions), communicate with other users, describe your experience and your own view on the topics described in the blog texts.

4.3. Freely or on a paid basis, use the information posted on the blog for your own needs (personal purposes), but without the purpose of obtaining financial benefits, without violating the rules for reprinting materials (content).

5. The user undertakes

5.1. Leave correct messages on the blog, without the use of obscene expressions. Do not humiliate the honor and dignity of other blog visitors and the Blog Administration in your comments.

5.2. Be personally responsible for the information written in your messages, as well as for links to third-party resources that violate the laws of the Russian Federation.

5.3. Follow the rules of this User Agreement and do not use the information posted on the blog for commercial purposes, without the consent of the Blog Administration.

5.4. The user agrees to the installation of cookies or the use of other auxiliary methods and the use of PS advertising networks of the data obtained with their help.

6. Заключение

The agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the blog. The validity period is one year from the date of publication.

Attention! Surfing sites on the Deep Web comes with certain risks. The materials (reviews, articles, etc.) of the blog are for informational (introductory) purposes only and are not regarded as calls to action.


All materials posted on the blog are informative and do not constitute a public offer for the purchase and (or) sale of securities, real estate or other assets, and do not provide instructions for earning and investing, as well as for any financial transactions.

The blog administration, its owners, as well as the autors of the articles are not responsible for losses incurred in the course of trading operations in the stock, currency and other financial markets.

The blog administration and the owners of the project are not responsible for the content of advertising materials posted on the blog, as well as for the actions of users and autors.

Trademarks, signs, materials (photos, videos) and other media files presented in the blog belong to their owners and are shown for informational purposes only.

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