Bitcoin (BTC)
  • What is Bitcoin in simple words?
  • How many bitcoins can you mine per day?
  • Where and how to buy bitcoins for rubles?
  • How to steal bitcoin? Working methods and schemes
  • Automatic bitcoin faucets without entering captcha
  • What awaits bitcoin in 2021?

Deep Web
  • A selection of links to sites in the Deep Web
  • What is the Deep Web and how to get there?
  • Deep Web Map: 3 Layers of the Internet
  • TOP 10 Search Engines for Searching the Deep Web
  • List of the most interesting sites in the Deep Web
  • Review of the best music Deep Web Radio

VPN & Proxy
  • Best selection of VPNs for torrenting
  • Paid and Free VPNs for Online Gaming
  • TOP 5 Free VPN Servers
  • VPN extension for Tor browser
  • VPN problems and how to solve them
  • The Complete Guide to VPN Encryption

Tor Browser
  • How to set up Tor browser?
  • How to enable JavaScript in Tor Browser?
  • Is Tor browser allowed in Russia?
  • How to completely remove Tor browser from PC?
  • How to use Tor Browser?
  • Search engines for Tor browser

Surface Web
  • How to get a Russian IP abroad?
  • What is IP spoofing and how to prevent it?
  • What websites are banned in China?
  • Effective methods of protection from the provider
  • How to download from torrents anonymously and safely?
  • Orbot - what is this program?

Dark Web
  • What is the Darknet in simple words?
  • What can be found on the Dark Web?
  • How to get into the Darknet?
  • Darknet Search Engines
  • The scariest sites on the dark web
  • Red Roomd - dark web red rooms (+18)

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